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Memoi Girls Ribbed Opaque Tights Memoi Girls Heather Tights about 40 denier Memoi Swirled Floral Tights
Memoi Girls Ribbed Opaque Tights, Model MK-209. These are not cotton, they're a microfiber material 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. They have a fine rib. This product runs small, similar to the Memoi Girls Winter Opaque Tights Model MK-208. They seem to last better than the MK-208 because the ribbed area is thicker. These come in small children's sizes and large grown up sizes. They don't have control top. Great for school or for fancy events.
Memoi Girls Heather Tights.  These are microfiber, about 40 denier.  They have a two tone look to them.  They run small,  but a little bigger than the regular Memoi Winter Opaque Tights. Memoi Swirled Floral Tights for girls.  These run very big, about 1 1/2 sizes big.  Meaning that a 2 year old will be far too small to wear a size 2-4.  Once you get the right fit they are the most durable fashion tights I know of, they last and last.  The floral pattern is all over the tights and is slightly raised, they are quite opaque.