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Do you have questions about products and need some help? Perhaps this section will answer some of your questions.

HOW TO PICK BLACK TIGHTS FOR WOMEN? There's so many choices available, it's hard to know which will be best for oneself. In general, women that wear black tights in the winter are wearing 60 denier microfiber (for example Melas or Memoi). However some 60 denier tights appear thicker than others. The Melas seem to be on the thinner side of 60 denier while the Memoi and Florence are on the thicker end of 60 denier. Perhaps you don't want tights that are quite as thick as 60 denier, a good option might be the Fidenzze Micro 40 however the control top is not as strong as the other brands mentioned above. Also, FYI, the Melas have a long waistline. The Melas are very popular with teenage girls as well as with women. The Florence have quite a bit of shine to them as do the Memoi.

HOW TO PICK SCHOOL TIGHTS FOR GIRLS? Should I get Microfiber or Cotton? We offer a bunch of choices for girls school tights. First you need to know if you want microfiber or cotton? Believe it or not some girls wear cotton tights in the summer and parents say that they breathe better than the synthetic microfiber tights. Cotton tights come in either ribbed (lines) or flat knit. Generally younger children take ribbed or flat knit tights and older children take only flat (with some exceptions of course). If you want your child to wear the cotton tights for school or for a fancy occasion then it is probably best to choose the flat knit option. The Butterfly and Trimfit cotton tights run small. The Memoi cotton tights run either true to size or big and they run wider than the Butterfly and Trimfit. Regarding microfiber tights, Butterfly School Collection model 1132 is a very popular product. They are 40 denier, which is generally a sufficient denier. The Fidenzze School Collection tights are 50 denier. Their ivory color is more creamy than the Butterfly ivory. Champion School Collection tights are 40 denier. The general feedback I get about the Memoi Winter Opaque tights is that they are very comfortable. The Butterfly, Fidenzze, Champion, and Memoi all run at least a half size small. Generally a 5 year old will wear a 6-8 size. The Palm Kids are 60 denier and run big.